Mechanical workshop plating systems

Understanding the customer’s production needs is the first step in shaping the perfect solution. With decades of experience in the field, OMIG can offer comprehensive advice, from the type of system to the chemistry required to achieve the desired results.

OMIG carefully analyses the collected data to suggest and design the best solution in response to emerging needs taking production needs, product characteristics and the technical-environmental issues of the specific context into account.

The structure and organisation of OMIG are the strength that makes the company stand out. The after-sales and routine and supplementary maintenance services complete the OMIG offer and ensure the quality of results of the systems over time.

More than500installed systems

OMIG has built over 500 plating systems in 32 countries across four continents since 1959. The long life of the manufactured systems and the superior quality of the products processed in OMIG systems are the foundations of the success that has allowed the company to grow and operate in the international market for sixty years.

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Plating systems for nickel and chrome plating, zinc plating, brass plating, gold plating, cataphoresis and pickling lines designed for finishing furniture, small and large components and parts that require a wide variety of technical and decorative finishes.


Nickel and chrome plating systems on aluminium, brass, zamak and other materials. Rack systems are mainly used for the plumbing sector because they offer maximum productivity with the smallest footprint and also allow various manufacturing cycles to be managed simultaneously.


Striving to stand out and achieve the highest results, the fashion world searches for special finishes for buttons, buckles and decorative accessories, in general, using precious materials, such as gold, silver, palladium and rhodium, deposited on a nickel base or non-allergenic, nickel-free products.


Plating systems are designed and built in cooperation with the customer and compliance with the specifications of car manufacturers with a wide variety of treatment types and treated part sizes, all characterised by simplicity, safety, durability and versatility.


Plating systems for treatments capable of ensuring high hardness or chemical strength, such as thick chrome plating, nickel-chrome plating, electroless nickel plating and anodic oxidation, as well as treatments capable of improving performance and modifying material friction coefficients, such as phosphating.


Plating systems for finishing on connectors, printed circuit boards and low and high power switches, on which mainly solderable metals, such as tin-lead, are deposited, or in the case of special electroless nickel, silver and gold applications.

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