Plating equipment
Manufacturers of plating equipment for 60 years

The experience of OMIG in the design and construction of plating systems is unique. Since 1959, OMIG has built more than 500 systems, meeting the needs of different industries.
Continual research and the development of exclusive solutions have allowed the company to grow and establish itself internationally.

Expertise and experience

The skills and experience of OMIG allow us to understand the production needs of the customer and to design ad hoc solutions that meet them.

Problem solving

OMIG plating systems are fully customised, designed and manufactured to solve the specific needs of customers operating in different industries.

Structure and organisation

The sound organisation of OMIG ensures that orders are completed on time and under the conditions established in the preliminary analysis.

Precision and efficiency
OMIG is synonymous with plating systems characterised by high precision and efficiency.

We work to provide our customers with a complete service in the field of plating systems, from preliminary consultancy and customised system design and installation to routine and supplementary maintenance services. Our offer is distinguished from the competition by our expertise and experience gained over 60 years.

Quality, safety and sustainability
Our commitment to increasingly sustainable plating

We strive to innovate the plating industry by designing and making increasingly high-performance, safe and sustainable systems.
We are constantly looking for new solutions that can make plating processes more efficient and more productive, but also more sustainable, by using less water and creating more efficient purification systems.
We are also committed to improving the working environment to ensure a safer and more liveable workplace.

Continual improvement
Research and development
Our expertise at the service of innovation.

Developing new solutions that can improve the plating industry is in OMIG’s DNA. Our R&D has put us at the forefront and the patents filed by OMIG over 60 years are proof of this.

OMIG plating systems

We have been designing and building customised plating systems to respond to the needs of various industries, offering customised solutions for assorted finishes on an array of materials for 60 years.


OMIG’s strong point, tunnel systems combine the precision of plating systems with increased safety in working environments.


Barrel plating systems are the perfect answer for high productivity requirements. OMIG’s continual research and development has enabled the creation of ever better performing, simpler, more durable and more environmentally friendly solutions.


In markets where the aesthetics of the treated products is of primary importance, OMIG rack plating system represent the answer to guarantee treatments without imperfections.


Rack plating systems ensure a high-quality finish. These systems are ideal for supplies to industrial sectors where the aesthetic appearance of individual parts is paramount.


Top-notch precision requires top-notch professionalism. OMIG’s experience is a guarantee of results for PCB plating systems for plating printed circuit boards, even multilayer ones.


For small production needs OMIG provides tailor-made solutions by designing and manufacturing customised manual plating systems in response to specific plating treatment requirements.

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