A complete process from design to production

Sixty years of experience in the field of plating systems production have allowed us to refine a complete process at the customer’s service.

Maximum precision in every phase of the process and comprehensive service: these are the characteristics that differentiate OMIG. From the analysis of the customer’s needs to the design of the system, from construction to the assistance service in every part of the world.

Preliminary analysis

The analysis of the customer’s production needs.
The types of products to be treated and the spaces in which the system will be housed are examined.

System design

The design of a system that meets the customer’s needs.
A plating system project is presented that addresses the production and space requirements.

Software design

The design of software for the automated management of the system.
OMIG’s development team creates dedicated software for the management of the designed plating system.

Mechanical construction

The construction of the structure of the commissioned plating system.
All mechanical components of the system are manufactured by OMIG and its network of partners, and are subsequently assembled to give concrete form to the system.

Electrical construction

The construction of electrical panels and installations.
The electrical panels, wiring, and machine interface are executed by OMIG using components from leading international manufacturers.

Installation and testing

The system’s startup, configuration, and testing are carried out by OMIG at the customer’s site..
After an initial testing at the OMIG site, the system is shipped to the customer’s site, installed, and tested to be ready for production.

The analysis phase
the needs

The preliminary analysis phase is essential to understand the characteristics of the system to be built, the production needs it will have to support, and the physical location where it will be installed.
OMIG’s experience has allowed us to develop an effective modus operandi in fully understanding the customer’s needs, in order to design and build a plating system with the suitable technical and technological characteristics to fully satisfy the customer’s production requirements.

The final product

The product to be treated in the plating system is the first element analyzed when defining the plating system to be built.


The productivity of the system and the volumes to be treated are variables that significantly determine the characteristics of the plating system.


The work environments and the spaces where the plating system will be installed determine the layout of the system itself.


The use of more or less advanced technologies determines the degree of automation of the systems, the quality of the finished product, and the production volumes.

A fianco del cliente
The Assistance and Maintenance service for the systems
Telephone support

OMIG operators are available to provide telephone assistance, first understanding the specific issue and assessing the intervention methods.

Professionalism by your side

Specialized technicians are at the customer’s service to guide the operators step by step towards problem resolution.

Industry 4.0

OMIG systems that adopt Industry 4.0 technologies allow technicians to intervene remotely, better understanding the issue and, in many cases, directly addressing the problem.

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