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In recent years, the global focus on sustainability has driven many companies to reconsider their operating practices, seeking innovative solutions to reduce their environmental impact. OMIG, a leading manufacturer of electroplating equipment with a history dating back to 1959, has taken on the challenge of making the electroplating process more sustainable and advanced through a strategic partnership with Schneider Electric.

The challenge of sustainability in electroplating

OMIG is well aware of the importance of responding to the growing market demand for more sustainable electroplating equipment. This implies using specific materials, searching for solutions that minimise environmental impact, reducing water consumption and slashing emissions into the atmosphere.

Partnership with Schneider Electric

The partnership with Schneider Electric is a key part of OMIG’s strategy to develop cutting-edge solutions in the management and control of electroplating equipment. Schneider Electric offers expertise and advanced technologies that enable OMIG to move towards its sustainability goals. The partnership also extends to the implementation of new monitoring systems, aimed at providing more efficient services geared towards predictivity and real-time control.

Environment and work

OMIG’s commitment goes beyond environmental sustainability to include significant improvements in the working environment. The presence of internal and external consultants focusing on eco-compatibility and work safety highlights OMIG’s dual approach to these critical issues.

Future perspectives: servitisation and predictive monitoring

OMIG is also preparing for future challenges by exploring the servitisation business model as a possible evolution in the areas of remote assistance and maintenance. The company is exploring new advanced monitoring systems to offer increasingly efficient services for boosting predictivity and real-time control.

Flexibility and partnerships: The keys to success

The relationship between OMIG and suppliers, in particular with Schneider Electric, is focused on flexibility and building true partnerships. OMIG’s “tailor-made” approach means designing and building equipment tailored to the specific needs of each customer and requires suppliers who can adapt and customise their solutions. This is why flexibility and collaboration are the keys to success in making OMIG’s processes and machines efficient as well as sustainable.

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