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A complete process from design to production

In sixty years of experience devoted to the production of plating systems, we have perfected a complete process at our customers’ service.

Exacting precision at every step of the process and complete service – from analysing customer requirements to system design and construction anywhere worldwide – are the features for which OMIG is known.

Preliminary analysis

Preliminary analysis is an essential step to understand the specific needs of the system to be built, the production requirements it will have to support and the physical location where it will be installed.

With our experience, we have developed an effective method for fully grasping the customer’s needs. This means we can design and build plating systems with the right technical and technological characteristics to fully meet the customer’s production needs.

Design and construction

Once the system configuration has been defined, we design it, taking into account the specific parameters identified during the preliminary analysis step. This includes mechanical construction, involving the assembly of the necessary components, and electrical construction, which consists in installing the electrical systems required for the plating system.

Installation and testing

After the construction step, we move on to the installation and testing of the plating system. This consists of the perfect installation of the system at the customer’s site and rigorous testing to ensure its proper operation and performance

Safety and manuals

All the technical documentation and instruction manuals of the machine comply with legal obligations and provide operators with all the information they need to use the system correctly and safely during stages of operation.

OMIG systems are designed and manufactured following Directive 2006/42/EC (MACHINE DIRECTIVE) and Directive 2014/30/EU (MC DIRECTIVE) and in compliance with UNI-EN 17059:2018.

Importantly, the new MACHINE REGULATION 2023 has recently been released and will supersede the old directive over the next 42 months. OMIG technicians are already at work to supply systems and documentation complying with the new regulation as early as January 2024.

Service and maintenance

Furthermore, OMIG provides ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the longevity and proper operation of the installed galvanic system. This includes routine and supplementary maintenance, troubleshooting and technical support whenever necessary.

A method perfected over more than 60 years

Following this comprehensive process, OMIG is committed to providing customised plating systems that meet the highest standards of precision and efficiency, while satisfying every customer’s unique production requirements.

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