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Our commitment to increasingly sustainable plating

We are striving to innovate the plating industry by designing and making increasingly higher-performing, safer and more sustainable systems.
We are constantly looking for new solutions that can make plating processes more efficient and more productive, but also more sustainable, by using less water and creating more efficient purification systems.
We are also committed to improving workplaces to ensure a safer and more liveable working environment.

Tunnel systems

Our tunnel systems are the ultimate expression of OMIG’s production capabilities and are recognised as European BATs (Best Available Techniques). Maximum safety, fewer external interferences on the process and a compartmentalised air treatment system.

The total amount of air extracted from the room is about 1/3 of what is expected with the hood system positioned on the tanks.

This leads to a considerable reduction in installed power and the consequent reduction in consumption concerns the consumption of methane for space heating as well as the extraction system.

Tunnel systems ensure maximum efficiency and a safe and healthy working environment.

EcoRinse: three rinsing steps in one tank

This environmentally sustainable dynamic washing system can significantly reduce the use of water through a technology exclusively developed by OMIG.
The system provides three washing steps in a single tank with a significant reduction in water consumed during the process and a reduction in the size of the system itself.

Step 1: wash with less clean water
Step 2: wash with medium clean water
Step 3: wash with clean water

Resin flooring

Alongside traditional PVC flooring, the use of resin flooring with acid and basic resistance is the most practical and efficient solution to preserve and protect the environment in case of accidents or spills due to leakage or human error.

In addition, the use of additional intermediate containment basins is useful to recover any solutions lost during processes without wasting product or to recover metals/solutions

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