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Ensuring our customers’ business continuity is our top priority.

The downtime costs during the life of a plating system are major and can even amount to more than the initial investment considered over 20 years

Guaranteeing business continuity for our customers while limiting downtime to the minimum is a cornerstone of OMIG’s way of doing things.
Excellent service is the goal that we pursue from the earliest steps of system planning, from all aspects – electrical, electronic, hydraulic and mechanical alike.

Remote assistance

OMIG systems are equipped with proprietary software allowing our Service Team to intervene directly and promptly to identify and solve problems, even remotely.

We develop the hardware and the software in-house meaning that OMIG system engineers can intervene directly and promptly.

Component compatibility

OMIG systems are sold worldwide and this is why the components are compatible with commonly used standards so that they can be retrieved easily on the open market without wasting time during maintenance.
In this way, OMIG’s customers can replace worn parts that are subject to routine maintenance with the certainty of OMIG’s help and advice whenever needed.

Routine maintenance

The best way to ensure plating system production continuity and keep production quality standards high is to plan and carry out routine maintenance continuously, preventing potential breakdowns.

Maintenance, service, efficiency

Maintenance, service, efficiency: these three words are closely connected and what we commit to transmitting to our customers so that the plating systems we build last longer and provide top-notch performance in terms of quality and quantity.

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