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Quality, standardisation and traceability.

Years of experience with companies operating in the fashion industry have allowed OMIG to develop specific skills to provide answers to their very specific needs.

Automatic or manual?

Having an automatic plating system has become an indispensable necessity for all operators in the fashion industry.
Major fashion labels demand the highest quality and total product standardisation, the levels of which are impossible to guarantee with manual systems. This is why the new plating system installations for the fashion industry are almost all automatic.
By using increasingly accessible technologies, OMIG can now develop automated systems that are suitable for medium/small operators and not just large factories.

A modern production method

Today’s fashion world demands modern production methods. First and foremost, this means setting up an automatic plating system and organising production to ensure the full traceability of each component and to comply with stringent environmental and safety standards required by the law, all with state-of-the-art technology.

In this area, fashion has become a driving force for the evolution of the electroplating industry in recent years, boosting the development of new technologies and innovations.

Some examples of innovations in production are:
– revolving frame solution for improved deposits distribution uniformity;
– robot armfor a revolutionary handling of frames, enabling new line layouts that were inconceivable with carriage handling. Thanks to this new handling concept, it becomes possible to transform existing manual plants into new automatic ones;
– on board access doors that can be opened using a keypad code and personal badge;
– Security systems with laser scanners;
– HMI for carriage handling.

Concerning waste reduction and production optimisation, there is a constant effort to develop processes that maximise the recovery of valuable materials.

Business continuity

Time is another key factor for the fashion industry. Guaranteeing prompt service to guarantee the operational continuity of systems is a prerogative for OMIG and an added value that we promise to all our customers.
Prompt remote assistance and rapid intervention are ensured for the whole of northern Italy from the OMIG head office.
Partners located in Tuscany, on the other hand, guarantee quick operations throughout central Italy.

Furthermore, OMIG provides ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the long life and proper operation of the installed plating system. This includes routine and supplementary maintenance, troubleshooting and technical support whenever necessary.

Functional and beautiful

At OMIG we are convinced that beauty and functionality are two sides of the same coin and this is why we also pay great attention to how our systems look. This aspect is even more emphasised for the fashion world and the fact that our systems are safe, smart and customisable also in terms of appearance is an added value appreciated by the industry.

Perfect details

Striving to stand out and achieve the highest results, the fashion world searches for special finishes for buttons, buckles, chains, studs, letters, perfume bottle caps and decorative accessories, in general, using precious materials, such as gold, silver, palladium and rhodium, deposited on a nickel base or non-allergenic, nickel-free products.

OMIG is the answer to every need related to plating systems serving the fashion industry

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